A police man is not just a man who maintains law and order. His work is that of a social worker, an army man, a rescuer, a detective and many more. He should be fearless, patient, physically fit, a risk taker, stone-hearted and a super-active person.

Powers of a policeman

A police man is offered with special powers and special rights. These powers are used by him when he is on duty. The below link may give you a detailed information on the various powers a policeman may use.


You may use the following link to further study the details of the procedures and powers of a police and the changes that occurred over the years.


A policeman is not a demi-god by any stretch of imagination. He is supposed to protect and follow the law while we are supposed to abide by it.


Read the article in the link above to know about the limitations of a policeman and the dos and don'ts that he is supposed to follow.

Police Recruitment

Recruiting a police man is handled by individual forces among policemen. Various conditions and skill sets are to be possessed by a person trying to enter the police career. The basic requirements to to enter a police recruitment are highlighted in the link below.


The link below will help you in getting a detailed information on recruitment and the steps for recruitment process.


The procedures of recruitment in a police force are talked about in the following link.


Police Training

Police training is not just drills and physical fitness development programs. It is the art of learning to manage a locality, maintain peace, dignity and decorum and the law of the country, ensuring people abide by the government policy and also know and act to their limitations.

The following link gives you a detailed knowledge on the training aspect of a policeman's life.


You can also study on the various courses a policeman undergoes when being trained using the link given.


Police Law

Police Officers use common laws set by the government of UK . The Acts passed and new legislations made are updated and common people themselves are kept informed.

In order to get a detailed information on the police laws and legislations, read the content in the URL below.


A Policeman's Pay-scale And its variations over a period of time

The pay-scale of a policeman is monitored by the police Staff Associations. It is also reviewed on a yearly basis. The following link will give you a briefing on the pay scales.


It is understood that the pay-scales are according to the ranks. Apart from the pay-scales promised, a policeman is entitled to get lot of other benefits.

To make a detailed comparison on the various payments differences in the past 3 years this link can be of great use.


Special Offers for policemen

There are also shops and sites dedicated to the policemen. The website in the given link gives you an example of a site that is exclusively dedicated to the policemen.


Police Vacancies

Vacancies for the post of policemen in UK is updated in the following site on a regular basis. Any requirement for any department will be published at once to create an awareness among young children.


To search for an ideal section of the police department or post your ads, the following site can be of great help.


Police Equipments

A policeman is equipped with specially designed clothes, weapons and other tools that would be of great help to him when in danger.

The URL below is an online shop for police equipments and shows you a list of equipments a policeman could have.


The following link gives you a list of weapons that may be used by a policeman.


Police Ranking

Even though ranking and grading system are there in almost all job categories, the police ranking is a special one.


The facilities and rewards provided to a policeman is dependent on his ranking. Use the above URL to study the rankings of a policeman in UK.

Roles and Responsibilities

A policeman's job cannot be described easily as it can be almost anything on a given day.

Read the contents in the following link to know the basic functions of a police man.


For instance, in the event of a plane crash, a police man has to involve himself in saving a lot of lives and offering the immediate relief acts till the arrival of an ambulance or rescuers.


The site above shows you the various tasks performed by a policeman and why his role can be of great difficulty.

A policeman is looked upon as a protector and the nation depends on his services. Hence it is very important that a policeman lives up to his dignity.

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